Thursday, 13 January 2011

Name dropping

When I decided to enrol for a Masters degree in 2004 I chose a course at the Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL at Queen Mary, University of London in the Mile End Road. The course leader was Professor Lisa Jardine, charismatic daughter of the equally fascinating Jacob Bronowski. Queen Mary was a great place for running into well-known academics: while there I attended lectures by David Starkey and Keith Wrightson, as well as being taught by Evelyn Welch and Stella Tillyard. A doctoral student who sometimes 'sat in' was children's author Eleanor Updale. During my time at Queen Mary a long-lost manuscript book by Robert Hooke was saved for the nation through the joint efforts of Lisa Jardine and the Royal Society. And of course there was a chance to encounter the notorious Bob Norwich. Add the academic adrenaline to the buzz of travelling to and from the capital over a 2 year period, and I have been left with some fabulous memories.

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