Monday, 10 January 2011

Name dropping - an occasional series

In the late 1970s I was part of a craft co-operative made up of women similar to myself – small children to raise, husbands well paid enough that we weren't obliged to work, very middle class. We peddled our various skills around Norfolk at craft fairs etc., also taking private commissions. My own field was crochet, taught me by my step-father and nurtured by my Italian mother-in-law. One of our crafty ladies was married to a producer at Anglia TV, and she happened to know that Fiona Richmond was in town. Fiona who? Google her - she's in Wikipedia. Anyhow, I ended up crocheting a stage 'outfit' for the vicar's daughter-turned-glamour model. As I remember the 'dress' was sleeveless, plunging, and largely made up of fringing...

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