Monday, 23 May 2011

A Family Photograph

Well, that previous post was just an ice-breaker. I've been "away" for a month or two because I've been busy. Some interesting stuff, some work and something sad too. I've been time-travelling, and one journey was painful, stirring old memories.

The son of an old friend committed suicide in his thirties last month. My friend and I were already connected by marriage, and also by death - her husband died on my birthday and is buried yards away from my eldest daughter - a generation ago. And now we are both bereaved mothers. Her son has also left behind a young family.

My friend and I hadn't met for years since her widowing, then my re-marriage, occurred. But we'd always kept in touch at Christmasses and through the news of other family members. Then, quite suddenly, last summer we met in Blofield churchyard, and it was lovely to hug and catch up a bit.

The unexpected news of her youngest son's death had me reaching for an album I created after my little girl died in 1978 - birth congratulations, happy snaps, then sympathy cards. I was looking for one particular photograph - my friend's eldest daughter's wedding to my ex-husband's brother. Hmm, life is so complicated now, isn't it? There were three little attendants to the bride - my eldest son and late daughter, and the bride's brother, my friend's late son. Three little angels, and only one remains now...

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