Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I have a book token to spend...

Should I go to Bury and spend it in Waterstone's, getting a cup of coffee while I'm there? Or shall I go to my local bookshop and order my new book, then wait? And go to the coffee shop down the street... The book I want, the latest Oxford Companion to Eng. Lit., I can get cheaper online. Going to my 'shop around the corner' means I have to order it and wait, so probably no different from Amazon for instance. I just don't know - the ladies at the bookshop are so worthy, but do little to draw in new customers. Their shelves are sparsely populated, but then they have little capital outlay. I have just collected my 48 FREE copies of Cloud Atlas for World Book Night from them, which made me feel kind of guilty. Yet they would never have sold 48 copies of that book I'm betting. It was the guilt that finally drove me to order the book through them, but will their business still be there the next time I make this agonising decision?

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