Sunday, 27 February 2011

World Book Night

It's now the final week before the big day. Two boxes of special editions of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas are on my kitchen floor waiting to go to their new homes. It looks as though the Bury Free Press will be coming along to record the giveaway, but BBC Look East are being remarkably coy. They won't let us know till perhaps the day before. I expect they are waiting to see if an earthquake will interrupt the popular uprising that is now enveloping mid Suffolk!

We have invited some local people other than the ones who will receive free books. The hope is that they may join our little reading group, or that they will at least badger recipients into handing over their copies once read. World Book Night are keen for the free books to circulate as widely as possible. We are inserting a bookplate with contact details, though of course World Book Night have announced online facilities for tracking, and for recording feedback. Let's hope I don't regret this and end up with an inbox clogged with timewasting mail!

The ladies at our local bookshop, from where I collected Cloud Atlas last week, are convinced they will all end up on EBay. I'm a romantic - I see them floating around the globe much as the book's cover has it: "Souls cross ages like clouds cross skies", and touching lives everywhere. Besides, they have World Book Night's imprint all over the place. Oh dear, wait - won't that make them some kind of "collectable"? I beg you, if you come across this or any of the other World Book Night titles please just read it and pass it on to someone you like!

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